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DemocracyOSPlatform, Software

A platform designed to get informed, debate and vote. Power in your hands.


ParlTrackPlatform, Software

Parltrack is a European initiative to improve the transparency of legislative processes. It combines information on dossiers, representatives, vote results and committee agendas into a unique database and allows the tracking of dossiers using email and RSS. Most of the data presented is also available for further processing in JSON format. Using Parltrack it's easy to see at a glance which dossiers are being handled by committees and MEPs. Parltrack currently monitors the European law-making using the data available from europarl.europa.eu. The data is being scraped from OEIL, EP plenary minutes, online MEP profiles, IPEX and parliamentary committee agendas.



Madison is an open-source, collaborative document editing platform. While Madison can be used to collaborate on many different kinds of documents, the official version is being built with legislative and policy documents in mind.


eRegulationsPlatform, Software

eRegulations is a web-based application that makes regulations easier to find, read and understand. It is a work in progress by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 18F. It is a public domain and open source work of the United States government.



Madison is a free tool that helps elected officials and everyday Americans solve problems together. Elected officials post drafts of policy documents on the site so that you can weigh in and stay informed about the issues you care about most. Madison brings policymaking out into the open, and gives you a voice in your government and a way to hold it accountable.



Political Memory is a tool to help citizens reach their representatives and track their voting records.


The State DecodedSoftware

A platform to display state codes, court decisions, and information from legislative tracking services to make our laws understandable by regular people.


Legislation LabPlatform

Legislation Lab is a platform for encouraging public awareness and discussion of upcoming legislation. We offer citizens easy access to legislation and provide a participatory model to collect their feedback. http://legislationlab.org/en/about