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Fort St. John Official Community PlanUse Case

Beginning with an initial consultation in 2012, the City of Fort St. John now conducts all public consultations using PlaceSpeak’s unique online engagement platform.


Compte-rendu de mandat de la Maire de ParisUse Case

Official deployment of DemocracyOS in Paris (France) by city's mayor Anne Hidalgo.


La relation des Français de l'étranger à la FranceUse Case

This digital consultation is a world first: it aims to solicit the views of the greatest number to identify the different ways of improving the relationship between French people living abroad and France. This debate is addressed to French people living abroad, coming from abroad or planning an early departure (students, entrepreneurs ...) as well as all the stakeholders involved in expatriation and installation abroad. The purpose of the debate is to enrich the legislative work. This unprecedented initiative aims at engaging new forms of citizen participation, ahead of the work of the French Parliament.


Cities for LifeUse Case

An international online debate on inclusive cities, open to all citizens and interested parties, starting September 14th for a period of 2 months.


Paris Ville Intelligente et durable à horizon 2020Use Case

Declination of a strategic vision. This debate on the strategic plan of "intelligent and sustainable Paris, perspectives 2020 and beyond" aims to solicit the views of the majority in order to enrich and refine the document originally developed by the City of Paris.


Consultation "Apprendre Demain" sur la R&D de l'éducationUse Case

Collective intelligence on-line to mobilize a broad community of stakeholders to co-build a reference document on the R & D of the learning society

Aidons l'Assemblée à écouter les citoyen-ne-s

Aidons l'Assemblée à écouter les citoyen-ne-sUse Case

Aidons l'Assemblée à analyser la consultation sur l'égalité femmes / hommes