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Open Source tool for collaborative decision-making.



Deebase allows users to express their ideas about an issue to be analyzed, facilitates the comparison between different ideas and finally lets the audience decide which is the best answer addressing the topic under evaluation. Gamification of deliberation



Zilino is a web-based solution for hosting deliberative online forums and other types of well structured, well facilitated participatory processes. Zilino is built specifically for the purpose of dialogue and deliberation. Its modular toolkit approach enables practitioners to create a broad range of custom engagement experiences.



<p>From the website:</p> <blockquote> <p>In 1999 a team of students at The Evergreen State College developed the first prototype of an online version of Roberts Rules of Order. This was later presented at CPSR’s <span class="caps">DIAC</span>-00 symposium by John Adams and Matt Powell. In 2003 Evergreen student Nathan Clinton, working with Schuler, designed and implemented the system which is now ready for beta-testing with actual users. Clinton and Schuler named the system e-Liberate, which rhymes with deliberate (the verb).</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>We of course hope that e-Liberate will prove as versatile as the original Roberts Rules. E-Liberate is intended to be easy to use. It employs a straightforward user interface which is educational as well as facilitative. The interface shows, for example, only the legal actions that are available to the user at that specific time in the meeting. (A user can’t second a motion when there is no motion to second!) At any time an “about” button can be clicked to explain what each particular action will accomplish thus providing useful cues that aren’t available in face-to-face meetings. Take a look here for a transcript of a sample session.</p> </blockquote



Decision making and strategy building.