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Fort St. John Official Community PlanUse Case

Beginning with an initial consultation in 2012, the City of Fort St. John now conducts all public consultations using PlaceSpeak’s unique online engagement platform.


Appgree PodemosUse Case

Appgree is the first technology that breaks away from this communication model, giving groups a voice and offering a listening method for those who wish to hear answers for the first time.


Loomio #MaVoixUse Case

Débattre, organiser et prendre des décisions sur les grandes lignes de #MaVoix

Apgree Guanyem Barcelona

Apgree Guanyem BarcelonaUse Case

Appgree is a tool to create digital participation channels, consultations and polls by the community of people interested in Guanyem Barcelona. This tool (and others present later) will complement work in other areas of participation, in neighborhoods and working committees.