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Ethelo is an online consultation platform which provides public and stakeholder engagement and decision optimization services. Since 2011, Ethelo has helped various levels of governments, as well as public and private organizations focus collective wisdom and find smart, practical, and broadly-supported solutions to tough challenges. Ethelo’s unique technology allows large groups of people to collaborate on complex, constrained problems and quickly find fair solutions with broad support. Each participant has a meaningful role in the decision-making process. Ethelo’s platform enables individuals to evaluate options, discuss and add ideas, weigh priorities and do trade-offs. Ethelo has successfully helped on a broad range of public decisions, including community planning, infrastructure projects, group conflict resolution, strategic planning and public policy development.


Cobi: Community based schedulingSoftware

Conference chairs use the web-based, visual scheduling interface that combines community input and constraint-solving intelligence. The tool enables chairs to resolve conflicts while considering other subjective factors, and to make informed improvements to the schedule



Zilino is a web-based solution for hosting deliberative online forums and other types of well structured, well facilitated participatory processes. Zilino is built specifically for the purpose of dialogue and deliberation. Its modular toolkit approach enables practitioners to create a broad range of custom engagement experiences.