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Open Source tool for collaborative decision-making.



<p>From the website:</p> <blockquote> <p>Codigital is a cloud-based technology for getting co-created input on business critical issues.</p> </blockquote> <p>The tool allows adding of ideas, voting and ranking of ideas (pairwise comparison), and suggesting and resolving edits.</p



VoteIt is a revolutionary platform for discussions, debates, and decision-making. It organizes inputs and provides clarity on where consensus lies. VoteIt provides a flexible, social platform for individuals and groups.



Thumb is a tool for giving and receiving opinions in realtime. It's a community of people waiting to give you their opinion at the tip of your fingers. It's the last line of defense in your battle against buying ugly clothes. It's the critic when you can't decide which movie to watch. It's the mirror when you're not sure if you like your new haircut. It's the DJ when you need a good slow song for your mix. It's the caterer when you're not sure what to serve on game day: nachos or pizza. It's the genius when you're wondering which tablet to buy. You get the idea. Instant opinions. Real People.