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Africa's Largest Volunteer Driven Open Data Platform. openAFRICA aims to be largest independent repository of open data on the African continent. openAFRICA is not a government portal. It is instead a grassroots initiative, maintained by Code for Africa as a public service. The platform is therefore available as a free resource for ordinary citizens, civil society organisations, civic activists, the media, and government agencies. You can upload your data to openAFRICA to either store it, or to make it available to a wider public. You can also download data already on openAFRICA for re-use in your own projects. We are happy to help you both upload / re-use data. Much of the data on openAFRICA has been 'liberated' by pioneering organisations, volunteers or activists. It is therefore an eclectic collection that is far from comprehensive. You will, however, find datasets here that are difficult to access elsewhere. If there is crucial data that you can't find here or elsewhere, ask and we might be able to help you liberate it All of the data on openAFRICA is intended to be 'actionable'. The data is meant to help you change the world. We therefore want you to analyse it, visualise it, share it, and build tools or services with it. openAFRICA runs with support from Code for Africa, the World Bank and Google.