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Le bon, la brute et le comptableSoftware

A game to understand financial corruption in the public sector: you're the general manager of a large city. Balance ethics and corruption to keep your position and get things done. Whatever happens, don't get caught! Every example in the game is based on real cases.


Corruption Risk DashboardPlatform

In lieu of a physical investigation, it can be difficult to attribute certainty to any data-based approach to corruption identification. Consequently, our approach, outlined in a freshly published report co-authored with OCP, aims to identify the risk of corruption by triangulating indicators that point to the possibility of specific corruption types: Fraud: when a bidder falsifies information submitted to the procuring entity; Collusion: when bidders work among themselves to try to obtain particular outcomes; Process rigging: when government officials distort the procurement process, whether in collusion with suppliers or in demand of a kickback, to seek a certain outcome. This approach, and the more than 60 indicators we’ve developed, builds off the work of the likes of the International Anti-Corruption Resource Center, DigiWhist, and the Government Transparency Institute (Budapest). It also benefits from our experience building procurement analytics tools in Vietnam and Nepal, and conducting open contracting scoping studies in five West African nations and countries throughout Asia. - See more at:



GlobaLeaks is an open-source, free software intended to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives. It was developed by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, an Italian based NGO supporting freedom of speech online.


Tor BrowserSoftware

Tor Browser est un navigateur web destiné à naviguer sur le réseau d'anonymisation Tor. Il permet d'accéder au réseau Tor et Internet de manière techniquement sécurisée parce qu'il bloque par défaut les extensions telles que Flash et JavaScript.