The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) is a web-based open source management system for the storage and distribution of open data.

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  • This tool has a large community of users and contributors
  • This tool enables harvesting to create relations between instances of open data portals.
  • This tool needs more social features
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This tool needs more social features
The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) is a web-based open source management system for the storage and distribution of open data.
  • This tool has a large community of users and contributors
  • This tool enables harvesting to create relations between instances of open data portals.
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DatahubUse Case

Le Datahub offre un accès gratuit à de nombreuses fonctionnalités principales de CKAN, vous permettant de rechercher des données, d'enregistrer des ensembles de données publiés, de créer et de gérer des groupes de jeux de données et d'obtenir des mises à jour des ensembles de données et des groupes qui vous intéressent. Si vous êtes un programmeur ayant besoin de connecter le Datahub avec une autre application, l'API CKAN.


European Data PortalUse Case

The EU Open Data Portal is your single point of access to a growing range of data produced by the institutions and other bodies of the European Union. Data are free to use, reuse, link and redistribute for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The GUI is basically built on two components: CKAN and DRUPAL. CKAN manages and provides metadata content (datasets) in a central repository. DRUPAL provides the Portal’s Home Page with editorial content (e.g. Portal’s objectives, articles, news, events, tweets, etc.) and links to an Adapt Framework-based training platform. In addition it offers extended functionalities to registered users via user login.

Logo Case

Find data published by government departments and agencies, public bodies and local authorities. You can use this data to learn more about how government works, carry out research or build applications and services.


Data MXUse Case

Mexico open data platform


openAFRICAUse Case

Africa's Largest Volunteer Driven Open Data Platform. openAFRICA aims to be largest independent repository of open data on the African continent. openAFRICA is not a government portal. It is instead a grassroots initiative, maintained by Code for Africa as a public service. The platform is therefore available as a free resource for ordinary citizens, civil society organisations, civic activists, the media, and government agencies. You can upload your data to openAFRICA to either store it, or to make it available to a wider public. You can also download data already on openAFRICA for re-use in your own projects. We are happy to help you both upload / re-use data. Much of the data on openAFRICA has been 'liberated' by pioneering organisations, volunteers or activists. It is therefore an eclectic collection that is far from comprehensive. You will, however, find datasets here that are difficult to access elsewhere. If there is crucial data that you can't find here or elsewhere, ask and we might be able to help you liberate it All of the data on openAFRICA is intended to be 'actionable'. The data is meant to help you change the world. We therefore want you to analyse it, visualise it, share it, and build tools or services with it. openAFRICA runs with support from Code for Africa, the World Bank and Google.


Uruguay OpenData CatalogUse Case

El catálogo es una herramienta que facilita el acceso a los datos públicos en formato abierto, los presenta de forma centralizada y permite diversos mecanismos de búsqueda. Actualmente existen 67 conjuntos de datos publicados y 17 aplicaciones que hacen uso de alguno de estos datos. Existen datos publicados en 14 categorías, entre ellas Transporte, Turismo, Salud, Medio Ambiente, Desarrollo Social, Infraestructura. Estos datos son publicados y actualizados por 13 organismos del Estado, y próximamente se sumarán datos generados por organizaciones sociales.


Data.govUse Case is an open data website created by the U.S. General Services Administration that is based on two robust open source projects: CKAN and WordPress. The data catalog at is powered by CKAN, while the content seen at is powered by WordPress.


NosDonnées.frUse Case est un catalogue collaboratif de jeux de données disponibles sur Internet. Vous pouvez collecter ici des liens vers des données provenant du monde entier pour votre utilisation ou celle d'autrui, ou rechercher des jeux de données que d'autres ont collectés. Suivant le type de données (et ses conditions d'utilisation), est aussi capable de stocker une copie des données ou de les héberger dans une base de données, et de fournir des outils simples de visualisation.


Open VirginiaUse Case

Open Virginia is an independent effort to document the open government data published about the Commonwealth of Virginia—APIs, bulk downloads, and links to third-party data sources that provide much-needed information about how our government works.

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Code For NLOrganization

Code For the Netherlands

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Agency for e-Government and Information and Knowledge Society Office of the President

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