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OpenStreetMapPlatform, Organization

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.


SocrataSoftware, Organization

Socrata provides API access to a wide range of opendata sources. They also provide a community edition of their server, that can be downloaded and isntalled wherever you want


EnigmaSoftware, Organization

video game


NationBuilderPlatform, Organization

NationBuilder is a unique nonpartisan community organizing system that brings together a comprehensive suite of tools that today's leaders and creators need to gather their tribes.


CouncilmaticSoftware, Organization

Follow legislation materials


NeighborlandSoftware, Organization

Neighborland empowers people to take action on local issues. It’s a new way for people to share insights, identify resources, and connect with decision makers to make great ideas happen. We are providing neighborhood organizations, economic development groups, and municipalities with a powerfully simple platform to engage with people both online and on the street.


CartoDBSoftware, Organization

CartoDB is a cloud-based mapping, analysis and visualization engine that lets users build spatial applications for both mobile and the web.


OpenEventDatabasePlatform, Organization

open platform to share and search time related geodata