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Open Data SurveySoftware

Open Data Survey is a web application that supports a submission and review workflow to collect information on the state of open data.


DateaPlatform, Software

Datea is a corwdsourcing and civic engagement platform to create and visualize citizen reports (dateos) in maps, picture galleries, timelines and charts. It's mail goal is to allow citizens to share and visualize useful information for any purpose. It's flexibel, hashtag based structure allows anyone to create a map, timeline or gallery just by creating a report (dateo) using a hashtag. Furthermore, report iniciatives can be created by organizations such as NGOs, local governments and activists, which allow them to campaign for certain issues in order to obtain useful information from citizens (dateros).


Base d'adresse nationaleSoftware

National Address Database management API



This is a front-end for compiling collective proposals. Main use-case is what enables you to compile and send collective addresses - with at least 1000 digital signatures - to the parliament of Estonia. Read more here: . Our goal is to reach out to local and EU level. Also we support with our technical and domain expertiece one time deliberative processes such as Uue eakuse rahvakogu .


Human Security TaxonomyPlatform

The Human Security Taxonomy is a list designed for collection in preparation for a disaster. The focus is infrastructure awareness in support of people serviced by that infrastructure, with special attention to intersecting nodes with extended influence. The goal is locally accessible knowledge about risks and strategies related to hazards in many forms: natural, technical, political, and social.


World Wide Human Geography Data Working GroupPlatform

About the WWHGD In 2011, the World-Wide Human Geography Data Working Group (WWHGD WG) was created to focus on the need for human geography global foundation data in order to provide a basis for a deeper understanding of cultures, activities, and attitudes. Well-organized and comprehensive human geography data can be applied to analysis that allows us to better anticipate the behavior of people over space and time and to inform decision-making that supports human security, including crisis mitigation and humanitarian response. The Working Group will focus on understanding why people do what they do where they do it. The WWHGD Working Group is designed to build voluntary partnerships around human geography data and mapping focused on the general principle of making appropriate information available at the appropriate scales to promote human security. This involves a voluntary "whole-of-governments" national and international approach to create a human geography data framework that can leverage ongoing efforts around the world to identify, capture, build, share, and disseminate the best available structured and unstructured foundation data.



Address geocoder