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Cap CollectifPlatform, Software, Organization

Une plateforme d’intelligence collective complète et polyvalente.


Change.orgPlatform, Software, Organization

On, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions.


DateaPlatform, Software

Datea is a corwdsourcing and civic engagement platform to create and visualize citizen reports (dateos) in maps, picture galleries, timelines and charts. It's mail goal is to allow citizens to share and visualize useful information for any purpose. It's flexibel, hashtag based structure allows anyone to create a map, timeline or gallery just by creating a report (dateo) using a hashtag. Furthermore, report iniciatives can be created by organizations such as NGOs, local governments and activists, which allow them to campaign for certain issues in order to obtain useful information from citizens (dateros).


Decoro UrbanoSoftware, Use Case

Strumento partecipativo per la segnalazione del degrado.


DCLG Waste StandardsSoftware

This project will help a group of local authorities co-design & implement common data standards for their waste services


Parlement & CitoyensPlatform, Software, Use Case

Parlement & Citoyens permet aux citoyens et aux parlementaires de rechercher ensemble les solutions aux problèmes de notre pays. Permet aux citoyens de participer à la rédaction de propositions de loi à travers des consultations ouvertes par des députés et des sénateurs.



It measures the fullmilment of electoral promises and government management in Chili