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Consider.itPlatform, Software can help you collect feedback, engage stakeholders, make group decisions, teach critical thinking, and more.



Madison is an open-source, collaborative document editing platform. While Madison can be used to collaborate on many different kinds of documents, the official version is being built with legislative and policy documents in mind.

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Madison is a free tool that helps elected officials and everyday Americans solve problems together. Elected officials post drafts of policy documents on the site so that you can weigh in and stay informed about the issues you care about most. Madison brings policymaking out into the open, and gives you a voice in your government and a way to hold it accountable.


PlaceSpeakPlatform, Software

<p>How do you consult online with residents within specific boundaries? PlaceSpeak!</p> <p>PlaceSpeak is a location-based consultation platform. Its 2-sided network brings together participants, who have authenticated their address, and proponents of consultations, who wish to connect with vetted participants within specific geographical boundaries.</p> <p>PlaceSpeak is free to participants, who receive notifications about proposed changes and events in their neighbourhoods, and can interact with other residents. Proponents set up topic pages that includes a map, information, feedback tools including polls, surveys, discussion forums, and interactive mapping. Spatial reporting is generated in a variety of formats and real-time analytics are produced transparently. Proponents pay a license fee for use.</p> <p>PlaceSpeak was developed utilizing privacy by design principles. It protects individual privacy while at the same time generating vetted, geographically relevant feedback data to inform evidence-based decision-making. Digital identity authentication builds legitimacy in the online consultation process.</p