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Organize your supporters with Civi. Civi is a constituent relationship management (CRM) system that helps parties, government organizations and civic groups manage their contacts and communicate effectively via SMS and email. Based on a streamlined version of the popular open-source database CiviCRM.



CiviCRM is a web-based, open source, internationalized suite of computer software


NationBuilderPlatform, Organization

NationBuilder is a unique nonpartisan community organizing system that brings together a comprehensive suite of tools that today's leaders and creators need to gather their tribes.


NGP VANPlatform

NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products.


Cinquante Plus UnPlatform

Cinquante Plus Un is a new online technology for cutting-edge field campaign. Target priority polling stations, edit walk lists for your volunteers and follow your progress day by day. You can also manage and energize your contact base to keep voters and activists connected to your campaign.


The GroundworkSoftware

Our platform empowers you to develop and launch digital experiences that inspire people to action. With The Groundwork, you can grow awareness, expand your supporter base, mobilize grassroots fundraising, and engage your advocates to build a movement and drive your mission.



DigitaleBox is the Social Media Management & Community Organizing Software. The solution enables to easily manage social media activity, to manage targeted Communications campaign through Emailing, private messaging and SMS, to organize on line communities in a unique data base.