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OpenProcurement is an open source e-procurement toolkit. OpenProcurement's goal is to provide the tools to design and build a procurement process that is transparent and competative. The toolkit builds accessible processes that leverage auctions to drive savings and are backed by strong data collection and reporting. It is designed to be automated and scalable. Accessibility, transparency of tendering process, electronic documents, detailed reporting - these are only a few benefits of using this e-Procurement software. OpenProcurement’s initial application was with ProZorro, a procurement system implemented to support multiple national government agencies in Ukraine. OpenProcurement is flexible enough to handle all shapes and sizes of government and private sector procurements. The basic toolkit, which covers storing data and reverse auctions, is free. The toolkit's Data Standard was developed on the basis of Open Contracting 1.0RC. These data standards were extended to ensure practical implementation of the procurement process in the Prozorro system.



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