Une plageforme utilisée par des initiatives visant à signaler les problèmes aux services publics



Shareabouts is an online mapping tool to gather crowdsourced public input in a social and engaging process. Using Shareabouts, people can drop a pin on a map to provide ideas, suggestions, and comments for planning and design issues. And as a mobile-friendly application, Shareabouts makes it easy to add input on the go.


DateaPlatform, Software

Datea is a corwdsourcing and civic engagement platform to create and visualize citizen reports (dateos) in maps, picture galleries, timelines and charts. It's mail goal is to allow citizens to share and visualize useful information for any purpose. It's flexibel, hashtag based structure allows anyone to create a map, timeline or gallery just by creating a report (dateo) using a hashtag. Furthermore, report iniciatives can be created by organizations such as NGOs, local governments and activists, which allow them to campaign for certain issues in order to obtain useful information from citizens (dateros).


AppCivistPlatform, Software

AppCivist is a software platform for democratic assembly and collective action that lets users design their own participatory processes, with modular components, to organize democratic action.



Mark-a-Spot is a full packaged Drupal distribution for public civic issue tracking.



Report issues to build a better community. FixMyCommunity is a system for citizens to report problems in infrastructure or service delivery.



GlobaLeaks is an open-source, free software intended to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives. It was developed by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, an Italian based NGO supporting freedom of speech online.