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Green Party of Florida 2016 Presidential PrimaryUse Case

The Green Party of Florida has conducted a presidential primary to determine how Florida’s delegates will be apportioned at the GPUS Presidential Nominating convention.


Participez.nanterre.frUse Case

Consulter les habitants sur les projets de la ville


GovTrack.usUse Case tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans understand what is going on in their national legislature.

Logo (Citizen Initiative Portal in Estonia)Use Case

The Citizen Initiative Portal enables you to write proposals, hold discussions, compose and send digitally signed collective addresses to the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu). At you can submit a proposal to the Riigikogu on how to amend existing regulations or improve the society. A collective address should have at least 1000 signatures in support, given by at least 16 year old citizens of Estonia. At you can follow the proceeding of the address in the parliament and whether it will become a draft act.

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ANCFinder.orgUse Case

Washington DC is divided into 40 districts called Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, or ANCs. Let’s find yours.


Honolulu AnswersUse Case

Honolulu Answers is a citizen-focused website that is question-driven, with clean, easy-to-navigate design. You can ask a question or type in keywords using plain language. You'll receive simple, friendly, concise, easy-to-understand responses, as though they're coming from a neighbor.


Fort St. John Official Community PlanUse Case

Beginning with an initial consultation in 2012, the City of Fort St. John now conducts all public consultations using PlaceSpeak’s unique online engagement platform.


Drafts.dc.govUse Case

Get informed about legislation, regulations and other policies being developed by DC Government. Then get involved and collaborate with government to craft policy that works for our entire community. You can support or oppose documents, provide comments, and even annotate the parts that matter to you.