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DemocracyOSPlatform, Software

A platform designed to get informed, debate and vote. Power in your hands.



Adhocracy is a policy drafting and decision making software for distributed groups and open institutions.



The openDCN project aims at promoting citizens participation and at linking citizens to their institutions and other decision makers with information products, a communication framework and, finally, an on-line deliberative space capable to involve them in the decision-making process, i.e. to define and put in action initiatives in the field of governance policies and sustainable development for their territory. The goal of the openDCN project is to enhance the effectiveness of participative processes by conceiving, designing and implementing a socio-technical, computer-enabled, trusted environment for e-participation and fostering the evolution of the classic community-network concept into a new consultative-deliberative paradigm.


LiquidFeedbackSoftware, Organization

LiquidFeedback is an open-source software, powering internet platforms for proposition development and decision making. Platform for decision-making that allows for delegated voting.


Citizen OSAPI, SaaS, Platform

An e-decisionmaking tool and platform for communities. Easily translatable and open source, CitizenOS empowers gathering ideas, collaborative editing of documents or topics, participative public and private discussions, customizable online voting (incl. liquid delegation) and following up on decisions.



Anyone can start their own participation or collaborative work processes on for free. Go to the website to check out one of the over 500 participation projects.


BaztillePlateforme, Platform

Un mouvement de citoyens pour réinventer la démocratie. Les membres de Baztille prennent chaque semaine une décision pour leur pays, leur région ou leur ville. Aux élections, Baztille présente des candidats, qui une fois élus appliquent les décisions prises.



Sovereign is a decentralized governance platform for small & large organizations.